Collection Atila

COMPOSITION 2% vinyl crylic
22% poliéster
76% polyvinyl chloride
Weight 600 g/ml
Width 1.40 m
Flexural strength 200.000
Abrasion Resistance 100.000 cycles
COMMENTS Wash with a damp cloth, use a solution with water and neutral soap, do not use chemicals. It has anti-stains and anti bacteria. See the collection file to have all the information.
  • It is a leatherette with a very elegant color, the colors have been extracted from the letters of skin colors, it is a PVC, this is more resistant than the PU that deteriorate before, it is not as soft as the PU but in contrast it holds more time.
  • It is a leatherette suitable for hotels, geriatrics, trains, airports, vehicles, is fireproof with European standards, (UNE 1021 PART 1 AND 2 FOR SPAIN, M2 FOR FRANCE BS 5852 FOR ENGLAND) carries SANITIZED which is an anti bacteria so that they do not nest and proliferate on the tissue.
  • It has protection for chlorine.
  • It is resistant to blood and urine.
  • It carries UV protection.
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