Wide range of fabrics and colors for upholstery.
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We are a company with long experience in the field of
home textiles

The main objective of our company is to offer a whole range of fabrics that allows, through a continuous philosophy of innovation, to raise the level of competitiveness of the companies that demand our products.

We offer a fast and efficient service, with a logistics that covers the entire Spanish territory.


Vibaac is a brand of fabric that protects against viruses, bacteria and mites, thanks to its formula with quaternary ammonium it can reduce the viral load by 99% in 2 hours. antibacterial, anti-mite and anti-virus.

Thanks to VIBAAC, bacteria and mites do not proliferate. In addition, this helps to avoid odors in the fabrics since most of these are produced by bacteria.


Anti-cat fabric

The Pretenciosa collection is known as anti-cat fabric, since they do not like it and do not sharpen their nails on the fabric. The hairs of the animals are easily removed with a latex glove or with the vacuum cleaner, since they do not get caught. In addition, stains are simply cleaned with mild soap and water.

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