Wide range of fabrics and colors for upholstery.
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We are a company with long experience in the field of
home textiles

The main objective of our company is to offer a whole range of fabrics that allows, through a continuous philosophy of innovation, to raise the level of competitiveness of the companies that demand our products.

We offer a fast and efficient service, with a logistics that covers the entire Spanish territory.


Secreto is a collection with a magnificent quality of fabric, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and water, or a cloth with a little neutral soap, they are one of those fabrics that the passage of time does not affect them and when we observe that the color is not The same as the first day we must wash it in the washing machine and it recovers its original appearance, its quality will not disappoint you, this product is 100% Made in Spain.

We have more than 20 colors to choose from.

Our clients are satisfied with the results. Do not miss it!!!


Anti-cat fabric

The Pretenciosa collection is known as anti-cat fabric, since they do not like it and do not sharpen their nails on the fabric. The hairs of the animals are easily removed with a latex glove or with the vacuum cleaner, since they do not get caught. In addition, stains are simply cleaned with mild soap and water.

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